Czech Radio


Radio Network

Work for the public radio broadcaster of the Czech Republic operating continuously since 1923

About the client

The public radio broadcaster of the Czech Republic. The client's digital team has a great vision of digitalization and products they want to offer to the public, and we’re happy we could help them with the direction.

Project summary

The Czech Radio digital team inquired about our consulting services to provide analysis and solution proposal of the next steps for one of their solution mujRozhlas mobile app. They weren’t completely sure about the quality of the product and delivery done by the current supplier and needed someone who had experience in the streaming business and mobile apps developed in Flutter.

Product Consulting

The mujRozhlas app is used by hundreds of thousands of users and is funded by public money. Therefore the required quality and usability from the users is high. The digital team receives a lot of feedback and requirements but it’s a challenge to identify useless wishes with valuable suggestions. The client wanted to see a neutral view and reflect the requirements for the mobile app in comparison to the global market, but also with respect to the possibilities of the Czech market.

Our approach

Jimmy’s team has the advantage of being active users of mujRozhlas and knowing the solution well. 

Our team started with a product analysis of how users interact with the product. They did comparisons and analysis of the best radio apps in the market like BBC Sounds, SR play (sverige radio) and ORF Sound. Our solution architect analyses the used technologies based on the solution's requirements to evaluate selected technologies and tech approaches.


The client received extensive documentation summarizing the current solution from a product and technical perspective. We suggested possible solutions and approaches to fix the problems and ways how to provide users with the best solution.

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