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Development Efficiency Gain

Leveraged our pre-developed Jimmy's Components, cutting our client's development costs by €40K.


→ Saved the client 40.000 EUR by using Jimmy’s Components

→ Smoothly migrated 300 scooters and thousands of users

→ Built a mobility solution that meets the client’s special business requirements

About the client
The client initially operated the e-moped sharing platform Blinkee in Prague. They differentiate from other sharing services by targeting B2B segment, which gives them a unique positioning on the market and ensures that they’re currently the only operator of shared mopeds in Prague.
Project summary

Antees is a great showcase of why Jimmy is the best at designing and building mobility solutions using our expertise and pre-developed components (Jimmy Platform). Initially, the client inquired only about technology consulting at Jimmy to help them identify solutions on the market, allowing them to leave their current white-label solution that was limiting their business.

The client’s unique requirements and our offering in terms of our knowledge and pre-development features drove them to the decision to go for a custom solution with us, allowing them to own the platform and create new business models. We built the entire platform for 300+ scooters, with 2 different IoT devices, and migrated thousands of existing users.

Product Consulting
Technology Consulting
Product Design
Project Management


Jimmy boys delivered exceptional work for Antees displaying profound expertise in the mobility industry. Their deep understanding of the sector not only ensured a high-quality delivery but also reduced costs and accelerated the project timeline through the strategic integration of Jimmy components. Their demonstrated technical prowess was instrumental in creating a robust solution tailored to our specific needs in providing shared infrastructure for last-mile delivery.
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Jakub Kavanek
Co-founder & CIO
Design and develop a holistic platform to facilitate e-moped sharing service for B2B but still be able to serve B2C, incorporating advanced technological solutions. After a few months of the development, the client purchased 230 new mopeds with a second type of IoT device which increased the demand for architecture that can easily integrate different IoT devices.

The goal of our client was to be able to provide company customers/fleet operators with their own environment to operate and monitor their fleet if required.

The success of sharing services requires fast growth and scalability therefore, the platform must be flexible to envision a franchise business model worldwide.

The client aimed for a migration date before starting a new season.

Our approach
We started with a technical analysis of the solutions on the market based on the client’s business requirements to provide them with enough information for a decision that would lead to a long and sustainable platform operation. We showed Antees how our Jimmy Components platform works, how we can compose the solution, and how much money we can save them. Our solution was the most beneficial for their business.

Jimmy's team took care of product consulting, management, UX/UI design, prototyping, architecture design, mobile app development, back-office and backend platforms incl. communication with IoT. We built the platform by using Jimmy’s components and a custom development approach.

To save the development costs for yet another application from scratch, we decided to go back to basics - serve the administration from the backend using Razor and pre-made components. Thanks to that, we accelerated the administration development with just our backend team. 

The process was Jimmy’s Framework and the client closely collaborated with the team and attended the most important ceremonies, having access to the repository and other tools. The product owner and the team had to perform careful planning and prioritisation to achieve a valuable and functional product for the migration date.

The mobile application for iOS and Android allows users to reserve, rent, pause, or return the renting of a moped. The service offers different types of payment options, from packages to pay-as-you-go. The app also encourages users to charge the mopeds so the map shows charging points. We enabled the connectivity of the e-mopeds by plugging in IoT telematics units over CAN and RS485 and maintaining the server connection over bare TCP packets. The signals aimed to further comply with COVESA Vehicle Signal Specification. 

The fleet operators and customer support have administration available for them with the overview of all renting, and mopeds and ensures the real-time monitoring.

Antees screens
Tech stack
Google Cloud
Google Cloud
Feature 1: Daily packages
To offer a sustainable and favorable business model to B2B customers like couriers, we designed a Daily package payment option.

Feature 2: Get a reward for charging

To decrease the operational cost of charging we introduced rewards for customers if they charge the mopeds on public chargers. The chargers were implemented in the app.

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