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Demand-Responsive-Transport (DRT)

Are you an enterprise, city or region? We have an efficient transportation solution for you. A technology-driven transport system to improve transport services on the outskirts of cities, suburban areas and regions where the cost of fixed-route, fixed-schedule services can be unusually high compared to demand.

For enterprise, this solution provides very efficient, flexible and inexpensive transport for employees. Save on the cost of running of the company fleets and reduce CO2 footprint.


Vehicle Sharing Platform

Shared transport provides an efficient alternative for getting around the city. Vehicles such as cars, bicycles, electric scooters are connected to a mobile app, making their use very easy.

Operators have their own platform. Shared transport can be used in gated communities such as businesses or residences.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

One app, different mobility modes integrated. The users of the service can plan, travel and pay within one user account. The app is prepared for the integrations of different partners in different cities.

Give the citizens power to plan their commute better!


Smart Parking

Digitize parking in your city or area. Get a platform that offers easy payment for on-street or off-street parking. The app can be connected to the city's system. Of course, it include features as parking extension.

Thanks to the platform, your city can have a large amount of data on the occupancy of different areas, the demand for parking and even the movement of vehicles.


Do you plan to build next UBER? We'll have your back.

Own your own ride-hailing platform and fully utilize your fleet. Provide your customers with passenger app, drivers with driver app and operate everything via a web app.


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Introducing Jimmy Components Platform. Jimmy’s a master of not only industry knowledge and advanced processes but also has a treasure trove of unique pre-developed app components that are essential parts of any successful product.

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