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Whether you aim to demonstrate a new business model or revamp how people commute, our mobility team is up for a challenge. Let's bring a more sustainable future to the market.


  • Developed urban mobility solutions with 2mio+ transactions
  • 10.000+ rides completed in platforms made by Jimmy
• 2.000.000+ routes searched in MaaS and other mobility platforms we’ve implemented.
Collaboration on vision

Fear an Unexpected Outcome?

You have the power every step of the way! We don’t just work for you; we work with you. At Jimmy Technologies, client involvement is embedded in our process.

We believe in transparent collaboration, ensuring your vision aligns seamlessly with our technical skills and guidance.

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Seeking top-notch quality and efficiency?

We don’t settle for the ordinary.

Our advanced processes redefine how Jimmy's teams collaborate, communicate, and create.

From requirement definition to testing and automation, our streamlined methods guarantee quality, efficiency, and innovation at every turn.

We delivered bug-free product for the Czech Identity verification service →
Launch faster

Want to cut costs and launch faster?

Innovation meets efficiency with our unique Jimmy Components.

These pre-developed templates and features, tailored to industry standards, save time and resources without compromising quality.

Your project gets a head start without sacrificing customization – every line of code belongs to you.

We saved Antees 40k EUR →
Jimmy team

Get to know us

Rely on professionals who are experts in your industry.

Meet our exceptional team, bringing together expertise from crafting major projects for renowned brands such as VW, SKODA, PwC, JP Morgan, Revolut, Bank of America, and more industry giants.

Since 2020, we've triumphantly delivered projects for Fortune 50 companies and early-stage startups alike, amassing over 2 million customers and securing funding exceeding €120 million. Join us in our journey of innovation and success!

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Our principles
Value-driven mindset
Collaborate with transparency & open mind
Strive for better

Who's behind the company?

Martin avatar
Martin Javier Stojka

        Martin Javier Stojka LinkedIn
CEO, Co-founder
8+ years of experience in business, startups and product management working for the large companies in automotive business as well as serving clients from startup space.
Jakub avatar
Jakub Drabik

        Jakub Drabik LinkedIn
CTO, Co-founder
Jakub is into tech since childhood, from tinkering with remotes to coding websites. His passion led him through various roles, from engineer to CTO at Jimmy Technologies. At the company, he handles solution architecture, devops, mentoring.
Dan avatar
Dan Smith

        Dan Smith LinkedIn
Dan brings vast operational expertise from banking and 14 years in IT outsourcing. Count on him to lead Jimmy's resources with a vision-focused strategy, prioritizing your business needs while valuing people, technology, and processes.
Nick avatar
Nick Lamonov

        Nick Lamonov LinkedIn
Product Owner
With 15 years in product development, Nick specializes in project and product management. Value-focused and people-oriented. Certified Scrum Product Owner.
Pavel avatar
Pavel Kukolev

        Pavel Kukolev LinkedIn
Product Owner
Pavel has 9 year experience in product development. He specializes in product and project management for projects bridging the offline and online worlds in the finance, shipping, and automotive industries.
Jean avatar
Jean Rojas

        Jean Rojas LinkedIn
Lead Frontend Engineer
With over 8 years of experience building cross-platform applications, Jean specializes in web and mobile front-end development. Collaborative and problem solver. Full Stack Javascript developer.
Pavel Voronkin avatar
Pavel Voronkin

        Pavel Voronkin LinkedIn
Lead Backend Engineer
With 14 years of Java development experience, he developed complex fintech, low-latency trading and risk calculation applications. Pavel’s focus is develop resilient, fault tolerant, scalable apps.
Gabriela avatar
Gabriela Fronova

        Gabriela Fronova LinkedIn
Gabriela has more than 7 years experience in marketing management, strategy and sales. At jimmy she takes care of all marketing activities and supports sales.
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