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Bring the next big thing to logistics, travel, delivery, or shipping. Join the innovation movement and stay ahead of your competitors by deploying digital solutions for your B2C or B2B customers. From the first proof-of-concept to orchestrating thousands of items in real-time and building large commercial platforms, Jimmy's mission is to help your venture succeed.

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Ways of carrying people and shipping goods haven't changed much in the past 100 years. Planes, cars, trucks, trains, ships – those were your options. Drones in recent years tried to disrupt the field, but before we'll witness every second parcel descend from the sky, there are other challenges. Radical e-commerce increase, pressure on swift delivery, and convenient returns bring new calls and competition to the post-pandemic transportation market. Transportation companies – be it enterprises or startups – must optimize the entire process from booking and ordering to warehouse management, scheduling, deliveries, or returns, which is impossible without meaningful digitalization. Jimmy's engineers and product experts are ready to assist you on your next transportation venture. We help our clients to build solutions that move their business and the whole industry forward.

"When we talk about 'smart transportation,' it is more than moving cargo from A to B. Digitization within transport and logistics means seamless service to our customers, visibility in the supply chain, and driving a more efficient business."

Soren Skou, ex-CEO of Maersk

Transporation services


In 2019, the U.S. transportation system moved a daily average of about 55.2 million tons of freight. Our society relies heavily on logistics, supply chains, and storage businesses. Jimmy is here for logistics companies that want to reduce waste and costs and boost efficiency and operations. We know how to modernize warehouse handling, transportation, supply chains, inventories, and other assets where smart digitalization is essential for future growth.
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Travel Industry & booking platforms

Traveling is our passion. A nomadic lifestyle enables more and more people to experience different cultures and places. Jimmy makes getting from A to B easier. We have advanced experience with the development of platforms for businesses in the hospitality and travel sector. Need an innovative service for flight, hotel, or holiday booking and planning? Want to manage reservations and capacities effectively? We have the knowledge to bring travelers the best value and trip experience.
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Delivery services

Food and delivery services are booming, and the pandemic pushed the field even further. Be part of this thriving market and help people save time. Jimmy's team combines transportation, automotive, and mobility expertise and has already assisted clients in launching innovative delivery services that disrupt the game. Delivery services often become a part of MaaS solutions, but a single service is also a viable business model.
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System integrations

Maps, external APIs, and transportation systems often add third parties to enhance core functionalities or to enrich the overall experience. If you plan to integrate the latest flight info, traffic updates, or booking platform, Jimmy is here for you. We'll ensure each part of the ecosystem will work seamlessly with others, be it the weather updates or bank accounts set up.
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Routing integrations

Plan the most efficient route for a courier? Suggest the best trip for a tourist? Routing can be your competitive advantage and an added value for your customers or a complete nightmare. The quality of integration, input parameters set, rules, and user data combinations all affect the route results and efficiency. Every solution is usually strong in solving a particular case, so knowing the client's needs is essential. At Jimmy, we have integrated leading algorithms for drivers, messengers, and travelers. Let us build the best solution for your business.
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