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Methodical but creative. Designing cutting-edge products is no anarchy, but your venture will fail if you kill imagination with useless processes. We use our time-tested approach to boost one's invention but keep things organized simultaneously.

As experts in value-driven development, we stick to our carefully crafted methods.

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focus on value delivery

The products made by Jimmy will be 100% focused on delivering value to users.

15 %
saving of costs and time

Our fully automated processes help to prevent human errors and save 15 % of engineers' time.

faster to

Engage Jimmy's experienced team in the blink of an eye. Save your time, costs, and resources instead of hiring your internal workers.

Modern engineers for successful products

Our idea behind Developers 2.0 is that today's developers should be able to do much more than just write clean and smooth code. Why? Because they play an increasingly important part in the digital economy. You can't pull off a successful online product without a team of skilled IT professionals who see things in context. 

Therefore, at Jimmy's, Developers 2.0 are open-minded and customer-oriented Product Engineers who know that technical, product, and business perspectives are equally important. They think contextually and understand that development is just a tool to build a superb product. Because zero users care about the code and how it’s written but what value it brings them.

Developer 1.0

Developer 2.0


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