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Banking is on the verge of a new era. Fintech startups like Revolut and others disrupt the industry and redefine customers' expectations. We assist companies, large and small, in their quest to satisfy their high-demanding users by swiftly outlining and deploying cutting-edge solutions.

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Fintech VC capital reached $125B in 2021, and there are now around 433 unicorns. Want to become the next one? Quick access to financial services, online loans, transactions, or investing is already standard for a larger part of the population. Ernst & Young's latest Global Fintech Adoption Index shows nearly two-thirds (64 %) of the world's population were using fintech apps in 2019.

Many traditional banks are hopping on newfangled fintech solutions pumping equity or closing partnerships with ambitious startups. These efforts allow established banking institutions to stay relevant, grow and engage with digital natives in new ways. The entire industry is moving forward at high speeds.

Embedded finance has been a noteworthy trend over the past year. It is well-positioned to rise even further as numerous banks look to become service providers to non-bank and non-financial institutions looking to deliver a customer experience and proposition involving financial services as a component of a complex offering.

As fintech has grown, so have cybersecurity concerns. Identity verification, antifraud management, or government-imposed anti-money laundering policies are all matters that fintech has to successfully navigate to thrive.

"The major winners will be financial services companies that embrace technology."

Alexander Peh, PayPal and Braintree

Fintech services

Investments & trading

Investment and trading platforms for stocks, forex, crypto, or real estate have specific parameters that they need to follow. Bugs are unforgiving and expensive in environments that deal with customers’ money. Therefore thorough testing practices with a strong QA are vital. Rely on Jimmy's skills that we gained from building ambitious platforms, and we'll take you through the whole product development lifecycle.
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Financial & banking services

More and more people are used to accessing bank accounts online, executing transactions, taking loans through an app, or checking their balance in real-time. Give your customers reliable tools to manage their personal finances and boost revenue from online channels. We help our clients to develop web and mobile applications allowing their customers around the world to handle banking operations and apply for loans, microloans, or credit cards, so get in touch!
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Identity verification

Identity verification is one of the essential functionalities in almost every financial product. Businesses, large and small, must ensure that users are who they say they are and limit the risk of potential fraud. We have successfully implemented solutions to satisfy KYC, AML, and other global compliance requirements. Let us handle your use case.
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Banks and payment gateways integrations

Payments are where your profits are made! Fintech, e-commerce, mobility, and other industry products need fast & safe payment solutions or integrations with third-party banks, so users can pay for your services. We have implemented various payment methods and gateways from Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, or local services. Do your users need to store assets? Jimmy also has experience with setting up separate bank accounts for each user on the go.
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Our fintech industry figures

300.000+ loans

have been provided through the banking and fintech platforms we’ve developed

13.000+ traders

using daily the trading application we built for our client

25+ invested

through the investment platforms Jimmy built

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