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Let us speed up your R&D and innovations. Jimmy builds software that empowers automotive companies to deliver strategic services that benefit the whole ecosystem – customers, OEMs, Tier 1, dealers, and strategic partners.

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The automotive industry is going through a radical shift. New ways of business and innovative forms of commuting disrupt the long-enduring business models. In the fast-paced environment, it's essential to quickly implement new digital revenue streams, scale up at lightning speed, and keep up with disruptors and the ever-changing market. According to IBM, 50 % of automotive executives claim that their organizations need to digitally reinvent themselves to thrive or at least survive. 60 % of executives expect new business opportunities to arise from digital initiatives.

Jimmy knows the specifics of the automotive industry and will help your company build digital solutions so you can focus on growth.

Combine a startup's agility and skills with a well-established enterprise's strengths. We'll show you how!

"Digital reinvention will bring immense competition within the automotive industry in order to deliver the best products and services to meet customer needs."

Senior Executive, Supply Chain and Logistics, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Italy

In-car services

Connected Car

By 2030, about 95 percent of new vehicles sold globally will be connected. Whether you strive to create new ways of remote car control or envision safer roads with fewer accidents and smoother traffic in cities, we are here to help you grow new products & revenue streams. Benefit from our knowledge and create apps and services around connected cars. Our team’s ability is also to consult V2X concepts and solutions.
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Data processing and visualisation

Do you gather data from vehicles or drivers' behavior and need to work with them? Use our know-how, and we'll process and visualize your data in the most straightforward way to allow even non-technical people or partners to interact with them and benefit from them.
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Car Infotainment

The information and entertainment hub is already a core feature of each newly developed car. Let's create a fantastic onboard experience with the latest Android Automotive applications, Companion Apps, and capable backend. Show helpful info to the driver regarding consumption, distance, or assistance systems in a premium look. Jimmy also implemented an application through Android Auto for the 3rd largest navigation company and many other ventures, so we understand your needs.
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Cloud communication

You can interact with cars from anywhere, thanks to clouds. Are the doors locked? Were your employees speeding or driving outside geolocation limits? When cars go online, a new world of possibilities opens up. Jimmy is here to help you build digital products that communicate with your vehicles, operate them, and process data, whether they're parked or on the move.
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System integrations

Building a superb in-car system is all about integrations. The key to a great user experience is combining all the different parts. Fetching the weather forecast, prices at the nearest petrol station, or free parking spots at the final destination requires linking 3rd parties. It is more sustainable than building and maintaining everything on your own. Jimmy has vast experience connecting various services to infotainment applications and other platforms.
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Around-car services

Data processing and visualisation

Data is the new gold, but distilling meaningful insights is no easy task. Boost your fleet efficiency by planning better rides. Minimize time when your cars aren't used or uncover the Achilles heel of your manufacturing process. Jimmy knows how to steer the entire development lifecycle, so whatever you need to innovate and scale your business, we got you covered.
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Jimmy has extensive experience in building large systems for Dealership management that helps dealerships, OEMs, repair shops, and other parties who want to digitalize their business. The solutions can include CRM, fleet management, accounting, stock management, and other features.
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Fleet management tools

Jimmy's experience combines successful automotive and web app projects. Therefore our team has what it takes to create first-class tools for fleets management. Depending on your needs, we'll prepare a scalable solution that will help you with scheduling, consumption monitoring, vehicle positions, and more.
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Supervising, QA platforms

Does your business need a tool to make quality control of your manufacturing process more efficient? Drive quality assurance during vehicle production with ease thanks to the handy solution from Jimmy's automotive engineering crew. User-friendliness and superb performance will ensure quick and easy deployment into your processes and systems.
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BEV, charging

Battery Electric vehicles bring opportunities for new business models. Benefit from the knowledge we gathered from developing mobile applications, solutions for connected cars, and integrations with car communication units. Jimmy is here for companies and car manufacturers who want to scale at an unparalleled pace in this modernized industry.
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